Thursday, April 12, 2012

It is not if but when MM will quit.In 2002 when even Wiper entered into history by standing up against Nyayo, MM was still the easiest target.Now history is repeating itself.MM knows very well that he could not beat RAO even if those nomination were organized in heaven .So he wants to keep on pilling pressure on his unending demands to justify his eventual move-that ODM is not democratic .Democracy of which MM never understood in 2002 and still cannot define today.

For sure how do you change a party constitution in a day to suit the demand of an individual?Is that not anarchy?MM enjoys the support of two ODM MPs and it baffles my thinking how can a minority overrides the majority in a functional democracy?When MM was still the Moi yes boy many of us had perfected the art of democracy.And that the sooner he learns that democracy is the tyranny of the majority the better

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