Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have read Rutos statement released after KAMATUSA meeting and it has confirmed beyond reasonable doubt that Ruto is so parochial in his reasoning and he can do better as a tribal chief than a national leader. These are some three points and the lies and logical fallacies in them. And I’ll set the record straight as follows ;
1 .Rutos lie ;Today Rift Valley is living in one of the most challenging times of its history necessitating that we come together Many people remain persuaded that the ICC case was framed .Rift Valley is very concerned that there is an attempt within and outside Kenya to use the Hague proceedings to criminalize some communities one being Kalenjin. The Community feels maligned considering that Kalenjin Professionals, Kalenjin athletes, Kalenjin elders have been deemed murderers
; The truth. ; This is an irrelevant, unqualified and a fabricated argument meant to elicit tribal sympathy in a case of a man vs. the law. Every Kenyan is living on a challenging time and this is just to evoke and appeal to tribal sentiments to further his own selfish agenda.It has confirmed how Ruto has become so desperate and has run to his tribal cocoon as the savior of last resort .Everybody knows how Ruto ended up at the Hague when his own men said ‘don’t be vague go to Hague’ at the time when peace loving Kenyans were supporting local tribunal. And this being a legal process, Ruto should carry his own cross and stop condemning a whole innocent community.

2 Rutos lie; We in Rift Valley maintain a demand that Amb. Kiplagat be reinstated unconditionally to any outstanding proceedings and be involved in the process of writing the Commission’s report.
; The truth .The reason why Kiplagat is not in the TJRC is integrity and legal matters which are the cornerstone of the commission .The law of natural justice demands that Amb. Kiplagat cannot be a judge in a case where he is the accused. He has to disqualify himself first from chairing the commission and that is the first process of truth and justice .And only a mad person like Ruto can support him.

3 Rutos lie; We Rift Valley hereby resolve to instruct our members of Parliament as our representatives to move a motion in Parliament, and to lobby and mobilize Kenyans towards a resolve by the legislature, to ask the executive to present Petition to Security Council asking that Kenyan ICC cases be suspended for twelve (12) months so as to allow for free conduct of elections in an environment that is and fair.

;The truth ;Ruto is not a demigod and his trial does not mean Kenya is on trial .Kenyan election is a matter of concerns for all Kenyans .And it is our legacy to preserve democracy for the future generation .And election is one process where we do this ,this cannot be a prerogative of one man. There is no relation of Kenyan election and cases at the ICC at all, and we don’t want people to distract our attention because of their own private problems. Finally you cannot mislead a whole community that they can petition the UN Security Council. The last time they tried to do this in a shuttle diplomacy they failed terribly and there is no exception again this time. This is bizarre delusion of grandeur in a grand scale.

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