Tuesday, October 23, 2012


By electing an international criminal at this time, we would be the subject of economic and military sanctions.The truth which is abhorred by many is that  our president would be a fugitive who can't perform his functions effectively as the commander in chief .Kenya would be on the verge of not only  PEV but a deadly civil war.It is egregious that some tribal bigots with parochial mindsets cannot see this .Some, with myopic goals say China would be a savior.
Well ,China cannot be a dependable sustainable trading partner.They haven't helped even the Congo,Mali,Nigeria,Angola  where instability has flourished as they plunder their resources. China is a competitor and not a partner you can rely on during difficult times.And should be viewed as such.During PEV China was the only friend that was conspicuously silent.Our coffee was still more palatable to them than the 1500 people who died.
Our healthcare, and free primary education is entirely supported by donors.China policy of state capitalism is only interested in infrastructural development  through government private partnership that usually benefits the Chinese themselves in exchange for Africa colossal resources but not long term impact projects like education, healthcare, peace and stability and building local manufacturing industries -that is the core to Africa sustainable development As we import pencils,matchsticks,inner wears and cups our industries are on their deathbeds.We are not going to build our economy on distribution, wholesale and retail  of fake imported products and still dream of guaranteeing our children a better future.That is not the Kenya our independence heroes wanted.

But, there is a reason why our leaders would want to look east rather than west after being shunned there.The unconditioned low interest loans that usually end up in the pockets of a few as opposed to stringent western loans is lucrative and appealing-Africa leaders do not want to be accountable and responsible to their citizens.Since 1960s, Europe and America  have spent zillions of shillings in aid to Africa with no substantial results to show.Mostly, the money has been embezzled and siphoned out of Africa by greedy leaders and fat cats .So, once they realized that their cash cow-aid is no longer coming- they shifted to China

The trade imbalances usually favor China.Which is why China  has managed to  flood our markets with cheap counterfeit products.This has been detrimental to our own manufacturing industries-the only key to job creation and poverty alleviation .So as China insatiable appetite for Africa resources skyrockets many Africans from where these resources are extracted are being sent very fast to the abysmal pit of poverty.
China state agenda across Africa of supporting impunity ,dictators and village tyrants as long as they get the business  is counterproductive in the long run .At the end of the day lets ask ourselves; who will have to part with higher taxes to support government projects when we elect criminals and consequently,slapped with sanctions?We should look at this country as a great inheritance from our children not from our fathers where we have the audacity  to plunder everything.
Bonface Kungu.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Raila Statement:
The Secretariat
RAILA ODINGA for President

Press Statement
Nairobi 07 May 2012

We wish to advise Kenyans to ignore the unsavory remarks that Mr. Musalia Mudavadi has taken to making against Prime Minister Raila Odinga in the guise of an election agenda.
These are the tantrums of a spoilt child who is used to free things. They cannot make an election agenda. Elections are about people and issues that concern them. They are not about insulting other leaders while calling yourself “a humble gentleman.”

These babyish tantrums should be dismissed with the contempt that they deserve. Mr. Mudavadi is bereft of any meaningful agenda for Kenya. In any event, his history does not give him any helpful agenda. That is why he fears this word, history. But you cannot run away from your history. People are known by their Curriculum Vitae. In this regard, Mr. Mudavadi is the face of everything that could go wrong with the economic, legal and political life of any country. It can only be expected, therefore, that his “campaign agenda” will be to pour insults on the Prime Minister. Beyond that he has nothing to offer the Kenyan electorate.
The nation, however, needs to appreciate the platform from which Mr. Mudavadi is operating. Throughout his career, he has been used to soft options as a free loader. He has also been part of the worst economic and political dispensation in the country to the extent that it is laughable for him to speak about good governance, the economy, corruption and allied topics. He just does not have the credentials.

As a young man, barely out of adolescence, he was in 1989 plucked from oblivion to inherit the then Vihiga Parliamentary seat from his late father. This was done in a most undemocratic manner. The one political party of the day then blocked other aspirants to the seat from competing. Mudavadi was handed the seat unopposed, on the silver platter.

Following that electoral fiction in 1989, he went on to be rigged back to Parliament in 1992 and 1997. When he faced the true test of democracy in 2002, he lost badly. This was despite of the cushion of a sinecure vice presidency.

Since 2002, Mr. Mudavadi lives under pathological fear of democratic processes. That is why he has invented all manner of spurious excuses against ODM and the PM before bolting to non-competitive environment. 

He is now busy ingratiating himself with Hon. William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta. As usual, he is dreaming of getting the presidency from them on the silver platter. He must therefore please them by throwing dirt at the PM.

It is not lost upon us that Mr. Mudavadi threw a party for his cronies at his Nairobi residence to celebrate the indictment of Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto. Used, as he is, to easy options, he has been openly talking of himself as “the right option, when Uhuru and Ruto go to the ICC.” This is a curious way to advance a political career.

Regarding the shameful activities in Sabatia on Saturday, everybody present saw that Mr. Mudavadi’s hirelings were responsible for the fracas, led by Mr. Boni Khalwale, who is a serial champion of political violence. It is laughable to talk of the PM “importing Luo youth from Nairobi to disrupt a funeral in Sabatia.” This is a cheap ploy calculated to drive a tribal wedge between the peace loving Luhya and Luo neigbours in Western Kenya. It will fail. 

Mr. Mudavadi was squarely responsible for the violence. It is instructive that having made all the necessary arrangements for violence at the funeral in Sabatia, Mr. Mudavadi left the place for the nearby Mbale Market, where he commanded the operations on cellphone, from the safety of his car. A Mr. Kibisu executed the rest, together with a Mr. Kubasu, a Mr. Osotsi and a Mr. Chavanga, with others detailed by Dr. Khalwale.

In the coming days, we will present a detailed documented account of Mr. Mudavadi’s curriculum vitae. We shall invite him to explain a lot of things, among them his role as the confluence of Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg affairs and the mystery of KShs. 16 billion. We shall call upon him to help us understand malfeasance in the Metrological Department, procurement in Posta Corporation, mysterious shares in a cellphone service providing company, questions at the Kenya Ports Authority, the failed privatization of the Postal Corporation, financial dealings at NSSF and in the Communications Commission of Kenya, as well as what is commonly known as the DT Dobie Affair, among other things. Meanwhile he is advised to try and find something useful to say to Kenyans, if he can find anything.


Barrack Muluka

National Director of Communications

The RAILA ODINGA for President Secretariat

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It is not if but when MM will quit.In 2002 when even Wiper entered into history by standing up against Nyayo, MM was still the easiest target.Now history is repeating itself.MM knows very well that he could not beat RAO even if those nomination were organized in heaven .So he wants to keep on pilling pressure on his unending demands to justify his eventual move-that ODM is not democratic .Democracy of which MM never understood in 2002 and still cannot define today.

For sure how do you change a party constitution in a day to suit the demand of an individual?Is that not anarchy?MM enjoys the support of two ODM MPs and it baffles my thinking how can a minority overrides the majority in a functional democracy?When MM was still the Moi yes boy many of us had perfected the art of democracy.And that the sooner he learns that democracy is the tyranny of the majority the better